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Our Products


From a care and selected raw material till the finish product and delivered to our customers, we preserve the artisan development of all our articles.
We work always with fresh products, keeping a continuous relationship with our providers, trying to avoid unnecessary additives and conservatives around all the productive process.
In addition we apply to our care the "High Fresh" conservative process, which increases and improves the food life, not using neither additional conservatives, additives or colorings. This means that all our products keep intact their organoleptic characteristics (taste, color, odor and feel), and also their flavor, nutrients and food vitamins.


New products, fair trades, presentations...

We don't stop to grow with DON MANUEL. That is our innovation spirit which help us to fight in order to sell our products all over the world.
Next, we let you know some of our promotional actions we develop to get our purposes, and also all the novelties from our own company

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