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Our history


Everybody is a result of where it was born, it has grown or where came from...
MRM always had been identified with Móstoles, our origin and where we are stablished for these last five decades working every day. Since up to half a century when our "village" had no more than 2.000 neighbors, we have growing at the same time than Mostoles residents, which they join more than 200,000 persons today. Like us: we started in a small factory and from it we have built our current facilities, ready to XXI century...

1959 was the year, the beginning. In that moment, Spain in fact all its meat factories used to develop cure hams and cure cold meats, like in the past. Also MRM did the same but after two decades, Don Manuel thought: Why don't we apply our artisan production process we make with our ham, together with an innovative process like cooked ham?". Thanks to that idea, our "Artisan Cooked Ham" was born in 70', becoming the first manufacturer in Spain who developed this product.
Since then, the slogan of the company was the marriage between artisan process and quality all around our production process. Together with our Artisan Cooked Ham, we developed our Smoked Mortadella and decade after decade, our "Cooked Iberian Ham", our "Cooked Ham Tapas" and just few years ago, our "Ready Meals", according to the Mediterranean food tradition in Spain
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