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The Brand


The most important thing about growing in a village is that everybody knows you. And also you could test the opinion of your neighbors about your products. When they taste them we trust on their reaction and, by their faces during these last five decades, it seems that we are doing the things well.
Our costumers want a natural product, those which nowadays calls "traditional". They want the same flavors and textures than in the past time. And also according to a suitable price. It's true that inside these terms we are experts, moreover because we have keeping to be faithful to our artisan origin and, at the same time, we have examined day by day all our production process in order to adapt it to present tendencies.
This is our quality concept: to give everybody the possibility of turning into accesible a traditional and gastronomic experience.

DON MANUEL is "A Brand With". This means that our customers know everything we use to create our products. And what we put on them? We utilize just what we need to develop something completely authentic: effort, passion, experience, knowledge, excitement, compromise, dedication... and we eliminate everything we don't need to add
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